Southeast Alaska Catholic Newspaper

The Diocese of Juneau produces both a monthly print newspaper, The Southeast Alaska Catholic, and an online news site - Southeast Alaska Catholic Online. The online site is updated weekly with selections from our print newspaper as well as Diocesan and national news stories and columns. 

To submit content for the Southeast Alaska Catholic print or online news, contact:

Mary Stone, Editor
The Southeast Alaska Catholic Newspaper

415 Sixth St., #300, Juneau, AK 99801-1074
(907) 586-2227 ext 32

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The Southeast Alaska Catholic is the official monthly newspaper of the Diocese of Juneau, and is provided free-of-charge to registered parish members. Please contact your parish office to receive The Southeast Alaska Catholic newspaper and to notify them of any address change.

The bishop, diocesan offices and other groups and organizations employ the aid of The Southeast Alaska Catholic to communicate with Catholics in Southeast Alaska and beyond.

If you live outside of the Diocese of Juneau and would like to receive The Southeast Alaska Catholic, a donation of $30 is greatly appreciated. Please contact this office for additional information.